With Elon Musk as the leader of the crypto nerd horde, we felt inspired to build the community for all nerds across the globe. Nerdy Fellowship collection will feature some of the world's most renowned and famous nerds coming from different industries such as movies, music, business, tv-show, entertainment, crypto, etc. Throughout the journey, with the help of our strong community, we will bring on board all the famous nerds to join our fellowship!

Nerdy Fellowship Collection will soon be available for minting.


7,777 Characters


Randomly Generated


Nerdy Aesthetic

The Power of Community

Our mission

Nerds are building rockets, revolutionizing financial systems, improving transport, shaping the culture and bettering the entire world. Therefore, Nerdy Fellowship is building a digital community of real world nerds who will help each other on their paths to greatness. All of the proceeds generated through trading NFTs will go in the Invesment fund and Nerdy Fellowship will decide whose projects and ideas will get funded.

Holder Benefits

Owning Nerdy NFTs grants an exclusive access to a community of nerds who are the best in their respective (nerdy) field. Most of our time will be spent towards finding the best possible investments and gems to make us billionaires. You'll also get access to private events and online meetups with our ambassadors. Competitions, giveaways, community perks, rewards, passive yield, and so much more! And most importantly, you will be one of the creators of the most amazing community out there of intellectuals and crypto scholars.


Since nerds attract other nerds, we are going to be bringing on board as many successful and influential real world nerds as we can find. With a strong community by our side, we can become a place of growth and pure prosperity – a place where every nerd is welcome and supported with adequate resources on their journey to greatness.

Movie Nerds

Music Nerds

Gaming Nerds

Crypto Nerds

Otaku Nerds

Science Nerds

Food Nerds

The Magnificent 7 Fellowships

What are you waiting for goung padawan? Choose your Nerdy Fellowship and join us!

*1/ Movie Nerds

People whom you call anytime you need a good movie recommendation. They know all the actors, superheros, new movies, classics, writers, directors and love movie culture. If you've never heard of Quentin Tarantino, this ain't your bunch.


*2/ Music Nerds

Those guys who constantly feed you new good music. Cherish those guys. So if you're the supplier of good music, and you're ready to rock n roll, you belong here.


*3/ Gaming Nerds

People who are always this close to being murdered by their girlfriend or boyfriend in front of the screen for playing games non-stop. So if you ever had someone yell at you the same question 3 times without you replying, these people will understand you.


*4/ Otaku Nerds

People in love with anything manga/anime related! So if you don't know who Captain Levi is for example, you should probably avoid this fellowship. You might get murdered. Seriously.


*5/ Science Nerds

Mostly people who give you their homework, help you on tests, let you copy off of them but can actually teach you something cool. So if other people seems like what general population seems to Elon Musk (monkeys), this is your fellowship.


*6/ Food Nerds

People who love everything about food more than they love anything about you (shrug). Basically, if you love food more than your boyfriend/girlfriend, just buy this NFT. This is where you belong.

GENESIS NFTs / the first fellowship to launch will be

Crypto Nerds

Exclusivley for Cryto Nerds Fellowship - every Crypto Nerd holder will be able to participate in any new project's pre-sale we decide to fund. Private discussions about next x100 tokens and hidden gems. Furthermore, we are actively thinking of expanding Nerdy tokens utility with newest technological innovations and ideas such as introducing DeFi token to fuel our ever-growing ecosystem, creating the utiliy around it to best serve the holders, exploring the idea of passive yield and staking. However, due to recent increase in regulatory restrictions, we are making sure that entire collection is fully compliant with latest laws and regulations.

Benefits for Crypto Nerds Holders include aforementioned benefits plus:
1) Every Crypto Nerd holder will be able to participate in any new projects' pre-sales.
2) Crypto Nerds will be the first to know investment opportunities in our ecosystem and beyond.
3) Ability to pool together funds and investing as a syndicate, backing projects you're interested in.
3) Building the DAO from the ground up and participating in decision-making process.
4) Access to like-minded investors and researches who made millions of dollars tranding and investing.
5) You will be on top with the latest news, trends, and the first to know what's next big thing in crypto.
6) As the Gensis NFT owner, historically speaking, your NFTs will have the biggest value on the market.
7) Be part of creating the best community in the world for crypto investors.


Genesis Launch

The official launch of Genesis Crypto Nerds and community gathering. Mint, nerdy fellow, mint!

6 Fellowships launch

The minting of the remaining 6 felloships begins and our strong marketing campaign.


Setting up the Discord channel, choosing OGs, organizing community and members' roles.


Creating a strategy for utilizing DeFi token & passive yield. Working on partnerships to provide our nerds with a spot in the metaverse ecosystem, buying land in Decentraland or Sandbox, and opening Virtual Investment Hub in the Metaverse.


Genesis proceeds will go to towards the promotion and growth of our community as we prepare for the remaining 6 fellowships to launch in order to secure successful sale.


Proceeds will be collected and put into the public wallet allocated towards growth of our community and first public grants and investments.

Project Partner - Nerdy Inu

We are launching with the help of our nerdy developer friends at Nerdy Inu. Therefore, whoever secures 0.5 ETH (or 4 BNB) worth of $NERDY tokens starting on October 26, and doesn't sell, gets 1 free Nerdy Fellowship NFT! And whoever buys 1+ ETH (or 8+ BNB) worth of $NERDY tokens, and doesn't sell, earns 1 Genesis Crypto Nerd NFT!